Nicole Kidman Opens Up About Tom Cruise, Says She’d Give Up ‘everything’ For Him

Nicole Kidman and Tom had divorced each other in 2001. She recently said in an interview that she’d give up ‘everything’ for Tom Cruise.

Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise had been married for 11 years and have 2 children together. Recently, Nicole said in an interview that she would give up ‘everything’ for her ex-husband Tom Cruise. She also spoke about what she felt when she first met him and how her life plans changed after she met him. Read on to know what she revealed about her first marriage with the iconic Mission Impossible actor.

Nicole Kidman on her marriage with Tom Cruise

In a recent interview with Vanity Fair, Nicole Kidman opened up about her first marriage, with Tom Cruise. The couple was married for over a decade and have two children together. She said that she would give up ‘everything’ for Tom Cruise and felt the same even when they were falling in love. Nicole had nothing but kind words to say about Tom. She said she never wanted to get married. Before meeting Tom, she was in a serious relationship and still did not change her mind about marriage. But when she met Tom and fell in love with him, she decided to change her decision.

Image Source: Still from Eyes Wide Shut

Talking about meeting Cruise, Nicole Kidman said that when she met him he was an ‘incredible’ and ‘unusual man’. She also spoke about the moment she met him and their eyes met; it was electrifying, she said. She knew that she wanted to have kids with this man. According to her, one has to take efforts to keep their partner in love with them. They shouldn’t take it for granted. She added that Tom never took her for granted and was extremely romantic. She said that her life plans changed after she met him and she saw her future with him. She said she desperately wanted to have a baby with Tom Cruise.

Despite her divorce from her Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman said that their life together was perfect. She said that their divorce was a ‘shock’ to her system and she took a long time to heal. She mentioned that it was a great relationship but it just ‘ran its course’.

About Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise

Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise met in 1989 when they were filming for Days of Thunder. A year later they got married in Colorado. They adopted their first daughter in 1992 and their second child, a boy in 1995. In 2001, Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise revealed their separation.